1. The editorial policy is based on the principles of Budapest Open Access Initiative. In addition, the editorial board is guided by norms and principles of international organization Committee on Publication Ethics.

2. Scientific articles that have scientific and practical value are accepted for printing in Ukrainian, English or Russian.

3. The author has the right to present only one scientific article into one issue, which has not previously been published. The maximum number of authors of the article is 3 persons.

4. The publication publishes and uses materials on the basis of license agreements (applications for publication) that were concluded with the authors.

5. The authors are responsible for originality (plagiarism) of the text of the scientific article, the accuracy of the above facts, quotations, statistical data, proper names, geographical names and other information, as well as the fact that the materials do not contain information that are not subject to open publications.

6. The authors give their consent to the collection and processing of personal data in order to include them in the database according to the Law of Ukraine no. 2297-VI “On Personal Data Protection” from 01.06.2010. The editorial board of the journal guarantees that personal information, other than those publicly submitted in the article, will be used exclusively for fulfillment of internal tasks of editorial board and will not spread and transfer to third parties.

7. Authors who are applicants of Candidate of Sciences degree, postgraduates and magisterium students must indicate their scientific advisor as a note at the bottom of the page.

8. Scientific articles of the applicants of Candidate of Sciences degree can be accepted into the section “Page of Young Scientists”.

9. One copy of the journal is sent to the author of the article. The authors should warn in advance about additional copies of the journal. The cost of additional copy of the journal is indicated below.